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March 2020 was a momentous time for many of us but we are not here to dwell on the negatives. In fact, we would rather talk about one of the things that made us smile during that crazy month.

Wendy’s started serving breakfast! Best of all, it was every bit as awesome as you would have expected. Now that we have seen them in action for a bit, they are taking things one step further.

Photo: Pixabay/michaelform

Since we already know that they can whip up some amazing breakfast, it is time to see what else they can do. Wendy’s is now stepping up to the challenge, providing their very own breakfast cereal. Yes, you read that one correctly. The burger giant is going to be offering up a breakfast cereal!

If you had to take one guess at what this cereal would taste like, you would probably imagine it to be a frosty. Those who made this guess are 100 percent correct, that is exactly the vibe that they are going for here. These best-selling ice cream drinks have served as the inspiration for a new cereal that we cannot wait to try. Wendy’s has truly thought of everything, haven’t they?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Famartin

The cereal is slated to include a cocoa-coated multigrain cereal and chocolate-flavored marshmallow pieces! Kellogg’s is working hand in hand with Wendy’s on this one, so you know it’s going to be good.

According to an Instagram post by Kellog, the cereal is going to be making its way to store shelves by the time December rolls around as well. With any luck, we will be able to get our hands on some of this cereal before the holidays arrive. It would be awfully nice to enjoy a bowl (or two) on Christmas morning.


The cereal will be sold in 8.3-ounce boxes for $3.99 and 13.2-ounce boxes for $5.69. As an added bonus, according to Delish, those who purchase a box will get an app offer for a free small Frosty or small Frosty-ccino with their next Wendy’s purchase! Win/win, baby…..

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