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The way that we buy real estate has changed in recent years. Rather than always going to the property and looking to see what you are up against, you can often look online and see it for what it is.

That is where this unusual property comes in. It is located at 8800 Blue Lick Road in Louisville, Kentucky, and it is one of the more unusual properties you will see online. While most people will try to beautifully decorate their home and prepare it for such an online tour, this one is sold more as “what you see is what you get.”

The 3D tour of the home has gone viral because people are going crazy for winding their way through the house and looking at all of the interesting items on the inside. There is so much packed inside that the tour can really take some unusual turns. A scavenger hunt, race, and a game about finding a bathtub are some of the things that have made it unique.

An online investigator started to look into the property once it grew in popularity. One of the more interesting historical finds was a police raid that took place in 2014. Andy Baio is an Internet detective who decided to see what was going on with the home, who owns it, and why there was so much stuff on the inside.

Originally, the property was a church that was built in the 1950s and it had a small home and school attached. In the 1970s, additional buildings were added and the blue bathtub was used as a baptism pool for the church. When the church transitioned into a home, the owner was using the property to run his online discount resale business but he was selling stolen items without knowing it. That led to a four-year investigation and he served probation. He wanted to sell the home but didn’t want to clean it first.

The baptismal bathtub was perhaps the most interesting part of the tour because that is where the Girls Gone Wild merch was being held. It seems as if there was enough of it that you could see some inappropriate pictures.

Keller Williams Louisville East listed the home with three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a price tag of $375,000. If you have another $250,000, you can buy the business as well.