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Medha Srivastava is a cosplayer who is based out of Mumbai and she is proving that the old saying is definitely true: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Medha is able to fully embody the characters that she mimics, which is a real skill. Just wait until you have had the chance to check out the latest creation that she has managed to cook up.

Photo: Instagram/

Those who are fans of a certain new Netflix series are sure to love this one. She is stepping into the considerable shoes of Wednesday Addams, who is currently being played by Jenna Ortega on the Netflix show Wednesday. The outfit that she chose is nearly the same one that the titular character had one when she did her iconic dance in the series’ fourth episode.

It is a tough act to follow but Medha has got this! The photos she posted on Instagram show just how skilled she is at recreating the ensembles of her favorite characters.

Photo: Instagram/

The frilly dress, the braided updo, the thousand-yard stare, she has truly thought of everything. You would think that Jenna and Medha are twins because of how similar that they look here.

In addition to the photos, you can also check out this excellent video of her recreation of the aforementioned dance routine.

Photo: Instagram/

Srivastava was more than happy to egg on the comparisons, as she placed a video of herself doing the dance next to the original show clip. You will have a very tough time overcoming all of the similarities here.

If you would like to check out the dance, be sure to take a closer look at the videos below:

The level of attention to detail here is off the charts. We were especially happy to see Thing making an appearance, as the disembodied hand is arguably our favorite character on the show. It would not be an Addams Family performance without the presence of Thing and we are willing to bet that our readers agree.

We had to watch this video more than once, just so that we could take in all of the nuances. You can check out the original video of Wednesday Addams below: