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On D-Day, June 6, my husband was watching a war movie on TV when he heard a thumping at the front door. He opened it up to find a tiny puppy with a tin can stuck on his head, banging it trying to get it off. The coffee can was there to catch drips off the drain pipe and the poor pup must have been so thirsty he stuck his head in so deep it got stuck.


My husband managed to get the can off and went inside to get him fresh water and food. We couldn’t bring him in as he was covered with ticks and fleas.

We brought a dog crate outside for him to get out of the sun and rain. The pup was so happy, he stayed on our porch for 3 days. We got tick & flea shampoo and brought him in for a bath. So many ticks were stuck on him. I pulled at least 25 blood-filled ticks off him with tweezers and had to repeat the process as he was still infested.


We were reluctant to keep him as our older dog didn’t like having a pup around. We tried finding his owner, tried to find him a home, and even brought him to our local no-kill shelter. The shelter was full and sent him back home with my husband. He said, “I guess this is his new home.”


We named him “Ike” in honor of General Eisenhower storming the beaches of Normandy on TV as the pup was storming our front porch wearing his own helmet. The name fits, We Like Ike. Ike the Tyke! Ike gets into lots of trouble, He found some broken glass, tried to eat it, and started choking. I had to do the Heimlich and he got a 2 inch laceration under his tongue.

Ike was also born with a severe case of hip dysplasia. He is on daily medication for the pain and limp. Ike has overcome so many obstacles in his short life, but one won’t be finding himself a forever home filled with love.

Lori Whalen MacKenzie
Stanford, KY

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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