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Watermelons are the fruit that is perhaps most associated with summer. It’s usually a favorite at barbecues, pool parties, and beach days.

Surprisingly, this famous summer fruit might not actually be able to deal with the heat. In fact, they could actually explode due to the high heat of summer!

Photo: flickr/Harsha K R

The thought of having a potential ticking time bomb in your kitchen doesn’t sound fun. No one wants to have to scrape watermelon chunks off their floor, walls, or ceiling, but there is no one reason for why watermelons explode, as heat isn’t the only reason for a potential watermelon explosion.

Other factors such as bacteria or even a particular genetic coding can also be possible factors.


Now, let us explain what we mean by genetic coding. As it turns out, there is an explosive gene that is possessed by various heirloom fruits.

What this means is that they will sometimes erupt like a volcano should they be roughly bumped on a countertop or cut into using a knife. Another reason for a watermelon explosion can also be due to it being spoiled.

Photo: Pixabay

All fruits begin to rot as soon as they’re removed from the vine, and warm temperatures can expedite this process. If a watermelon has gotten extremely rotten on the inside it can actually cause the fruit to crack or even explode.

But there is something that you can do about this. Next time you’re at the grocery store deciding on whether you not to purchase a watermelon, just make sure that you keep it cool.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Don’t leave it in a warm car while bringing in groceries, and make sure you always store it in a refrigerator instead of the countertop. That should keep it from potentially creating a disaster in your kitchen.

What do you think of this? Have you ever experienced an exploding watermelon? Let us know!

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