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There are certain things in this life that have to be seen in order to be believed. The video that you are about to see would definitely qualify.

We can hardly believe our eyes and this is with advance notice. It is hard to fathom how the rest of our readers are going to feel. Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy of The Slow Mo Guys are here to make your day.

Photo: YouTube/The Slow Mo Guys

For those who are familiar with their handiwork, they have brought back their six-foot balloon that has won them some rave reviews in the past. People love watching them break this bad boy out and rightfully so. If you have ever wondered what an exploding balloon sandwich would look like in slow motion, this is your big chance.

The funniest part of all is that they are putting Dan in the middle this time. What a brave soul he is!

Photo: YouTube/The Slow Mo Guys

“Giant Balloon June has returned! Gav films Dan as the middle ingredient between two slices of balloon. Does it look delicious? No… but does it looks decent in slow motion,” the description reads. So, does this video actually live up to the description? This will be up to you to decide.

As for us, we are not quite sure where we stand on this one. One thing is for sure, though. You are not ready for how hilarious this is going to be. From the looks of it, Dan seemed to enjoy being the middle ingredient in this unique sandwich. In fact, he’s had so much fun, we would like to inquire about these balloons for our own home.

Photo: YouTube/The Slow Mo Guys

All jokes aside, it is like the old saying goes. Everything always looks much closer when you have the chance to see it in slow motion.

Watch the clip below to see for yourself:

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