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Although the people who are not paying attention to COVID-19 pandemic guidelines often make the news, the majority of people are doing their best to stay indoors and stay safe. They listen to the information provided by public health experts. That information continues to change as more understanding of the virus comes about. Some people, however, are listening to advice that should be avoided, such as washing your food in bleach.

502 American adults were surveyed by the CDC and the results were published on Friday. It seems as if there are some “knowledge gaps” on how to use cleaning products properly, including bleach and disinfectants. The survey showed that 39% of people were taking part in “non-recommended high-risk practices with the intent of preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, such as washing food products with bleach, applying household cleaning or disinfectant products to bare skin, and intentionally inhaling or ingesting these products.”

Photo: Pixabay

There are legitimate ways to use bleach, such as diluting it and disinfecting high touch surfaces. If you use it in some areas of your home, however, it can be dangerous. Caution should be used when any other chemicals are in the area or if you are cleaning surfaces in the kitchen. It also should not come into contact with your food. Some recipes may use a diluted bleach solution to wash fruits and vegetables but according to experts, it is not recommended. It might even make you very sick.

Social distancing restrictions are lifting to a certain extent but precautions are still necessary. Coming in contact with someone directly is one of the primary ways that coronavirus is transmitted, according to today’s information. That is why this so important to be cautious at the grocery store and to handle your food properly when you get home. Wash your hands frequently and after you handle your groceries. If desired, you can wipe down nonporous containers with a disinfectant and rinse your produce with cold water before you eat it. That’s all that is recommended.

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