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Kitchen multi-tasking is one of the toughest tasks for any of us to get used to. Just when you think that you have gotten the hang of it, something always manages to come up. Whether you are trying to keep your food from burning or you are looking to keep pots from overflowing, there are no shortage of concerns that have to be addressed before we can proceed.

For those who are looking to accomplish a certain amount of tasks at the same time, it can seem like we are short on items that can handle the increased degree of difficulty. Luckily for you, Walmart has got you covered. Their new 5 section pan is the perfect addition to any kitchen that is manned by an experienced multi-tasker (or even a novice who is just getting started).

The compartments make cooking so much simpler. There are three smaller sections in the middle and two longer sections on either end. Thanks to the divots in the pan, none of the food is ever given the chance to touch! The material is nonstick and this means that you can cook essentially anything that you want on these pans without worries.

This is a major stepping stone for anyone who is looking to enhance their efficiency while cooking. They’d make a perfect Christmas present, even if for yourself!

Photo: Walmart

We love to make breakfast for any and all meals, so this pan is the best possible addition to our kitchen. It’s so nice to have compartments available for our eggs, bacon, and sausage. We can even add some pancakes to the mix, or a side of veggies. The days of having to wash a whole kitchen’s worth of pans are finally over.

If you would like to take one home, you can head to Walmart and pay $28.95 or check out their website.

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