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If you are anything like the rest of us, you have a serious hankering for Waffle House these days. We have not been able to maintain our usual Waffle House schedule this year and it’s starting to catch up with us. Thankfully, they’re releasing something that will actually help us through the rest of 2020.

Since opening in 1955, the chain has been best known for serving breakfast foods around the clock. Now, they’re expanding into new territory with the release of a Waffle House-branded beer.

That’s not even the best part, either. The beer is designed to smell just like bacon! Oconee Brewing Company is a Greensboro, Georgia brewing company that is working alongside Waffle House to make this dream into a reality. The red ale will be called Bacon & Kegs! and the ABV content is at a robust 6.5%. Bacon fanatics are sure to be drawn in, as are the beer lovers out there.

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The can’s cartoon drawings of bacon and beer are easy to appreciate. Brock Company Creative is responsible for these drawings, as well as the drawings of the Waffle House restaurant itself. Teamwork definitely makes the dream work.

The company is releasing the beverage on the 18th of December to those who are local to Georgia. Those who are looking to take some home will need to make a trip to the brewery in Greensboro. Hopefully they expand locations soon enough! And whether you reside in Georgia or not, you have to admit that this news calls for a drink.