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We live in a world that is all too often “every man for himself.” It seems as if nobody wants to help anyone, but when we hear about a community stepping forward to do the right thing, it really warms our hearts.

That is what Louise Saindon, a woman who has lived 77 years in the same house, experienced when a group of volunteers showed up at her home. She had lived in that home since she was five years old and it was ready for an upgrade.

Photo: YouTube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

Her neighbors realize that she needed a little help. In an interview with Denver 7, one of those neighbors, Marsha Cannady, said that she would check to make sure the roof was still standing every time it snowed!

As far as she is concerned, it’s nice to have somebody who has been there for the long haul. She realizes that some neighbors need help on occasion and they didn’t want her to get kicked out of the community. That is when she contacted Expert Exteriors.

Photo: YouTube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel

When Expert Exteriors was called, a man by the name of Ron Harrison is the one who answered. He said that investors are buying up the neighborhood but Saindon doesn’t want to go anywhere. He can appreciate how she wants to stay where she feels comfortable.

Harrison decided to chip in, and there were two dozen employees that came along with him. They worked all day for free, doing what they could to give back to the community by providing their personal time and effort.

Photo: flickr/Grand Canyon National Park

They did quite a bit of work on her home. After pulling some weeds from the front yard, they worked on the roof, gutters, and spruced things up a little bit. In order to pull this off, a lot of planning was necessary but it came together in a beautiful way.

One of the things that was put back in place was an archway that Saindon had appreciated since she was a little girl. She had some pictures of what it looked like originally and Harrison was all too happy to do what he could to put it back together again.

In the end, he asked Saindon how she was doing and she said, “they’re helping me make new memories.”

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