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With all the uncertainty in the world today, sometimes you just want an escape. Additionally, for many people, the desire to travel often clashes with the desire to keep a roof over their heads. Yet there is no better time than the present to take advantage of our ability to work remotely. And with all these different factors and desires and frustrations circling around, there seems to be a pretty appealing solution: van life. In recent times it seems that the nomadic “van lifestyle” is becoming more and more appealing to people who are taking to remodeling old vans into either recreational vehicles or even living spaces, where they can easily travel around and still always be home.

And with the global climate the way it is, road-tripping across the country sounds like the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too, ie. travel to new places but still be able to be socially distant from others. That is why having something like a remodeled van can provide you a chance to take both your home and office anywhere you want on the road. And now Volkswagen is providing consumers searching for the ideal van life a chance to get all the creature comforts of home in their latest version of the Caddy California van.

This van has been around for more than 30 years, but the Caddy version of the California van is the smallest one, but it’s been the one to get quite the little facelift – something that Volkswagon proudly showed off on their Twitter.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles posted a tweet that read, “The allrounder offers variable living, sleeping & storage space for everyday life or travel. The highlights: panoramic roof, new comfortable bed, compact mini kitchen and digital innovations.”

The sales director, H. Löw, stated in another tweet that the new look completes the California group of vehicles.

This particular model of van is equipped with a small pull-out kitchen with a single hob gas cooker, windscreen, and shelf. There is even a glass roof that is perfect for stargazing or just falling asleep beneath the cosmic canvas – sounds perfect!

In addition, this van has a foldout bed with a mattress. But it doesn’t stop there. There is also a modular tent system that can be attached to the van’s back in order to create more space as either like a bigger sleeping area or living room. There are even camping chairs and a table included, which stow away under the rear when not in use.

There is even more good news. The Caddy California will be available as a four-wheel-drive, meaning that you can easily off-road with it, or you can also get it as a standard front-wheel drive if you’d rather not take the road less traveled.

If you’re getting excited about this new Caddy California, then expect to see Volkswagon roll it out come 2021.