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During this era of social distancing, it’s pretty standard to hop on a virtual happy hour with friends. There are loads of opportunities to enjoy drinks, meals, and company from the comfort of your home – but now there’s a chance to do this and win $1,000 at the same time!

Whistle Out is offering an awesome promotion in which they’ll choose one lucky winner and pay them $1,000 to host a virutal brunch party.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Three different video services will be used to host three small events and if you win, you are also going to have the chance to choose the services that you are going to use. Whistle Out is currently tracking rates for Rave, Squad, Airtime, House Party, and Bunch. As soon as the events are held, you are provided with a questionnaire about the ins and outs of each service.

The winner of this promotion is going to be given a $300 gift card for GrubHub and $1,000 cash. These gifts can be saved for a special occasion or you can blow your wad on all kinds of fancy foods for your friends. The choice is yours.

Whistle Out is not about to hand this gig out to anyone who asks for it, though. If you would like to participate, you can head to their website and fill out an application immediately. A 200-word explanation must be written out that provides the company with further background on you and your group of friends. Those who have a social media following are going to be prioritized.

The applications must be submitted by May 15 and the window officially closes at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time. It’s high time that we started being able to monetize our virtual brunches and we are grateful to Whistle Out for the opportunity.

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