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Pyrex is a household name – it has been for quite some time, ever since Corning Glass Works first debuted the heat-proof glass cookware in 1915.

While most of us have probably heard of Pyrex or even own Pyrex, the chances of us having vintage Pyrex is probably quite slim.

Photo: flickr/Gerrilynn Nunley

But the popular kitchenware brand is now being sought by collectors who are searching through flea markets, yard sales, and eBay listings trying to find antique Pyrex. According to vintage Pyrex could be worth a fortune.

The retro designs of Pyrex are quite popular amongst collectors, especially since the 1940s saw a lot of pastel shades.

Photo: flickr/atravellingmom

It wasn’t until the 50s, 60s, and 70s that there were more elaborate dishware patterns brought out – like flowers or snowflakes.

In fact, one “Spice of Life” design that featured herbs and veggies in the design actually sold at auction on eBay for thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, a different design called “Atomic Starburst,” also vintage, attracted high bids on eBay.

Photo: flickr/Justin Snow

Granted, these have been rare finds. Most secondhand vintage Pyrex items don’t go for thousands of dollars, or even several hundred. However, a mint-condition piece could get you $50 to $100 depending on the popularity of the pattern.

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