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The United States Postal Service has seen its difficulties over the years. In 2021, they saw a $3 billion quarterly net loss and since 2007, $90 billion overall.

In an effort to tighten things up and help stop the bleeding, the USPS is looking at making some changes. This includes some that may be inconvenient, such as slower delivery times set to take effect on October 1.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

CBS 4 posted a report that spoke about how the USPS is making a difference in the delivery window of certain types of mail, including first-class letters, magazines, and flat envelopes.

At this time, they arrive within three days, but after October 1, it could take up to five days. That being said, they are saying that most first-class mail is still going to arrive in under three days. The real difference will be if it travels from one coast to the other.

Photo: flickr/Aranami

Some of the states that are likely to see delays include southern Texas, any state west of the Rocky Mountains, and Florida. Some estimates state that up to 70% of the mail circulating at that time will be slower. Overall, first-class mail would remain within the three-day window for 61% of all letters.

Some of the reasons why it may take longer include a reduction in airmail transportation and more focus on ground mail.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Since ground mail does not get interrupted quite as much as airmail due to weather, then more of it can be shipped on schedule.

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