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Technology is something that we use in ways that we may not have even thought possible just a few years ago. That includes the doorbells that we use, which now contain video cameras and can be answered remotely. They also sometimes capture video of what is taking place in the neighborhood, and that is what we see below.

A Ring video was recently shared of a UPS driver that was running up to the front porch. He wasn’t there to deliver a package, he was there to move the package that had fallen on a four-year-old child.

Photo: Facebook/Traci Pratt

It took place in Oak Park, Illinois, and the mother shared it on Facebook, where it went viral.

Max Pratt is the four-year-old boy who was outside playing when a large package was delivered. The doorbell rang, and according to The Chicago Sun-Times, the package was twice as large as the boy.

Photo: Facebook/Traci Pratt

Little Max had run outside to see what it was but when he tried to move the package, it fell on top of him.

It was definitely a scary situation, but the UPS driver, Marco Angel, saw what was happening. He heard Max crying and ran back up to the house to save the boy. Fortunately, Max was not hurt.

Photo: Facebook/Traci Pratt
Photo: Facebook/Traci Pratt

According to his mother, Traci Pratt, he was scared and he didn’t want it to happen again, but he is doing just fine.

The package that fell on her son was a birthday gift from her mother. She sent a hammock so that Traci could relax, but in the end, it ended up causing a lot of anxiety. Let’s just hope that she’ll be able to enjoy the gift, thanks to the heroic action of one UPS driver.

Our little guy loves helping get packages, but this one was far too heavy to handle. Thank goodness for our UPS savior. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear a brown uniform ❤️

Posted by Traci Pratt on Saturday, April 17, 2021

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