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Dumpster diving is the sort of activity where we have the utmost respect for those who are willing to do it, even if we do not wish to do it ourselves.

The woman that you are about to read about is a prime example of this. In fact, she is taking the adage about one person’s trash being another person’s treasure to a whole new level.

Photo: TikTok/@glamourddive

Ella Rose is a TikTok content creator who has taken a unique path to becoming who she is today. She has dedicated her account to her adventures in dumpster diving and she loves to speak out about her finds. The latest one is sure to appeal to those who have been spending a small fortune on all of their beauty products.

During a recent dumpster dive at her local Ulta Beauty, she came up with some incredible finds. Many of the beauty products that she found were still in their original packaging.

Photo: TikTok/@glamourddive

“So much of it was factory sealed!” the post was captioned and we were absolutely amazed by what we saw here. She was not finding old and outdated stuff, either. She was coming across hot ticket items that everyone would want.

For example, the Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Kit usually retails for over $60. She was also able to rustle up a BaBlissPro curling iron, which would normally cost anywhere between $59 to $79. She found four different hot tools and only one of them had a cut cord.

Photo: TikTok/@glamourddive

That means that she was able to score on two curling irons and a mini straightener. In addition to these awesome finds, she also came up on some Benefit Cosmetics blush, bronzer, and a highlighter palette. Can you believe that all of these items were thrown out?

There was no shortage of usable products in her final haul, including MAC setting sprays and lipsticks, a Bare Minerals foundation, and CeraVe face washes.


Crazy dumpster diving score at Ulta. So much of it was factory sealed! 🤯 #dumpster #dumpsterdiving #ulta #free #glamourddive

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One commentator voiced our thoughts on this to the letter. “It blows my mind that they do the Ulta soup and don’t just donate the returns to shelters,” they said and we could not agree more with this assessment.

According to Rose’s bio on YouTube, she has donated a number of items from her dives and we absolutely love to see it.

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