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Thanksgiving dinner is typically a chance to break out the old classics and no one is upset about that. While some families might try to add some new foods into the mix, we love to enjoy the usual foodstuffs associated with the holiday. We love turkey and we certainly won’t say no to some pumpkin pie. Pass us the mashed potatoes, too, while you are at it.

Of course, everyone’s favorites are going to vary and each person is going to have their own ideas of what constitutes a perfect Thanksgiving. Now, you will have the chance to mix things up a bit this year.

Photo: Pixabay/Julie Rothe

Strawberry turkeys are here to save the day. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like but allow us to explain some of the finer points to you.

If not for TikTok user Ella Grace, we never would have learned about this amazing idea. As it turns out, it is even easier than we realized to offer up a Thanksgiving twist on a classic favorite. You, too, can enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries that are designed to evoke all of the holiday feels. Best of all, there are only a small number of ingredients needed in these instances.

Photo: Pexels/Jenna Hamra

Grab some strawberries, small pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows, and melted chocolate when you are ready to get started. You’ll also want to grab some toothpicks, as they work well when it comes to holding it all together. If you would like to learn how to combine the ingredients in the proper manner, you will want to check out the video below.

We love to watch anyone work with chocolate, that is for sure. The most amazing part of the video is the speed at which Ella Grace is able to work. She’s like a wizard when it comes to this process and we cannot get over how easy she makes it all look. We will be hard pressed to match her skill level but we are going to do our absolute best.

Photo: TikTok/@_ellagrace12
Photo: TikTok/@_ellagrace12

This is the perfect dish for anyone who has been asked to bring a side to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. They are awesome because they will not require a ton of prep time. Anyone can put these together, regardless of whether you are a proficient chef or not.

Watch the video below to see exactly how to craft the perfect Thanksgiving strawberries!


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