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If you thought 2020 was an unusual year because of the pandemic, it may actually be unusual for reasons you didn’t think about before. This includes some strange items that were confiscated by the TSA before someone boarded a plane.

At the top of the list of unusual items confiscated by the TSA was a dead baby shark. Interestingly, it’s not illegal to fly with a live fish if they are in water but if you happen to be hauling a dead shark stored in a chemical, you may have some difficulties at the gate.

Photo: flickr/Ben Popken

It seems as if this actually happened at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. Someone carrying a jar was stopped at the checkpoint and TSA officials then found a dead baby shark in some “liquid chemical preservatives.”

Photo: YouTube/TSA

It was a bit of a judgment call on their part, but they felt it wasn’t safe to allow the passenger to board the plane with the shark in tow.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Here are the top things confiscated by the TSA in 2020. You choose the order.

1. Dead baby shark in a liquid preservative

2. A 9 inch PVC pipe thought to be a pipe bomb. It was actually a humidor for cigars.

3. A homemade solar battery. It was explosive.

4. An illegal assault rifle and ammunition.

5. A Head and Shoulders shampoo bottle with two bags of marijuana hidden inside.

6. A set of knives hidden inside of a hollowed-out book.

7. Roman candle fireworks at New York LaGuardia Airport.

8. An M18 yellow smoke grenade.

9. A slingshot.

10. Although this one isn’t necessarily a confiscation, it did make the list of interesting things going on the world of TSA.

Photo: Instagram / tsa

It seems that two TSA dog handlers were married in July 2020 and they had their dogs with them at the wedding.

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