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Truly’s hard seltzers are truly the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t they? They are always coming up with all sorts of awesome flavor innovations that we cannot get enough of.

Now, the “Holiday Party Pack” is going to be added to the company’s portfolio and we can hardly wait to hear more. These flavors are sure to make wintertime even more enjoyable than before.

Photo: Unsplash/Element5 Digital

What better way to spend the cold nights inside than with some adult beverages? We are also willing to bet that those who bring these to any holiday gathering are sure to be the toast of the town. It’s one surefire way to make sure that you end up on everyone’s nice list. After all, it is not like anyone wants to find themselves on the naughty list.

The brand has been providing us with awesome hard lemonades, iced teas, fruit punches, and even Popsicles for some time now. The innovation never ends over there. While the brand has so many awesome flavors to offer, the ones that you are about to learn more about have never been seen before. They are helping us to incorporate all of our favorite winter fruits in hard seltzer form.

Photo: Unsplash/Camden & Hailey George

The company announced the news on Twitter, saying that the new flavors include Pomegranate Ginger Fizz, Cran Orange Sparkler, Spiked Apple Spice, and Holiday Sangria are all included in these holiday packs.

“Your season’s about to get lit,” Truly proclaimed on Twitter and they are 100 percent correct. The festive names are exciting and we cannot wait to reach into the packaging. At this rate, we do not even care about which beverage we happen to end up with.

They all look so good, don’t they? The best part of all is that each can of Truly only comes with 100 calories apiece and 1 gram of added sugar. The guilt is gone when you are throwing them back and we love to see it. The ABV level clocks in at about 5%, which is roughly equivalent to the beers that we drink and most of the hard seltzers currently on the market.

The holiday packs should start popping up all over the place by the time that November 1 rolls around, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Whether you are looking for something to spice up a Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah, or Christmas event, the good folks at Truly have definitely got you covered.

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