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We love to travel to new places but we hate the prospect of sharing flights with people. By and large, most people are kind but there always has to be one jerk. It’s the law of flying.

This frequent flyer is here to share their stories about difficult people on planes and we are already shaking our heads in disgust at what we are about to see.

Photo: Pexels/Anna Shvets

According to her, the people that she is describing are “truly awful travelers” and if you have committed any of these sins, you are awful as well. Don’t shoot the messenger, we are merely passing her words along, that’s all.

“If you do any of these things you should take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror before you travel again,” said Tinx at the start of the clip.

Photo: TikTok/@tinx

“Let’s begin with people who are unprepared at the front of the security line,” she says. “It’s a security line — you know what’s coming — and yet there [are] still people who are fumbling around with their laptop like a child who forgot their homework.” That’s so true and we have definitely found ourselves fuming at these people in the past.

She even goes off on the people who act like they are so shocked that they have to take their jackets off when they are in the security line. It is as if they have never traveled before in their lives, right? As someone who lives in Los Angeles and Manhattan, it is easy to see why she has developed such a strong distaste for those who do not know how to travel.

Photo: TikTok/@tinx

“Next, let’s discuss the gate crowders,” she continues. “They haven’t even put up our flight on the little digital board and you are crowding around the gate like it’s the stampede from the ‘Lion King,’ grinding your foot into the ground like you’re about to run with the bulls. Aside from the fact that you’re in Group 5, I gotta tell you, buddy, we’re all going to the same place, we’re all getting on the same plane.”

If you would like to see the rest of her complaints, please be sure to check out the rest of her video:


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