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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you are anything like us, you are currently looking for the best gift ideas. Whether you are ready or not, the big day is still coming.

Thankfully, Trader Joe’s Valentine’s Day gifts are top-notch and second to none!

For starters, they have gluten-free cupcakes that come topped with pink buttercream frosting. These are the types of gifts that allow you to go the extra mile for your special someone.

Photo: traderjoes

Trader Joe’s has even joked that they barely needed to label them as gluten-free because they taste the same as the gluten-filled version. They’re delicious and they will make for a perfect decoration. These sweets pair best with a dozen roses, so be sure to keep that in mind during your shopping trip.

Photo: Unsplash

Maybe you are looking for something a bit different, though? That’s understandable. Their Heart-Shaped Macarons are sure to please. This is the perfect present for that special someone who likes to get a bit fancy for Valentine’s Day. The official Trader Joe’s Instagram account shared a photo of this treat and our anticipation is through the roof.

Photo: Instagram / traderjoes

There’s nothing like getting your hands on the best treats and it’s even better when they are provided by the person you love most. There are lots of other Valentine’s Day gifts available as well, like the ones they’ve released in the past. They’ll be bringing back mini heart cookies, and heart-shaped dog cookies as well.

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