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Thanksgiving is a day that most people consider to be a day set aside for family. Traditionally, it has been about getting together, eating food, and taking a nap in front of the television while watching football. It is also a day that we tend to remember everything that we forgot at the grocery store. It doesn’t matter if you forgot the breadcrumbs or the butter, a run back to the store is a holiday tradition.

If you happen to be missing something that you want to pick up at Trader Joe’s, you might be wondering if they are open on Thanksgiving. Prepare to be disappointed, because they will be closed on Thursday! Just like times past, they will close down their stores for the holiday so you better remember everything you want before the big day arrives.

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The reason why they close their doors for Thanksgiving is simple: They want their employees to be able to spend time with their families. They also want to prepare for Black Friday, so you can begin putting everything aside for the rest of the holiday season.

When all is said and done, you should just forget about shopping at Trader Joe’s for any last-minute items you may need. There are also other retailers that are closing on Thanksgiving this year, including Target and Walmart. Looks like you better sharpen your pencil and make sure you complete your list ahead of time this year.