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Trader Joe’s is a well-known and beloved grocery store that has a loyal fan base. However, their locations aren’t always as plentiful as other large supermarket chains, so getting to your local Trader Joe’s could be a bit of a drive.

For those who love the store, it is certainly worth going on a little adventure for some of Trader Joe’s specialty items, such as their Magnifisauce.

Photo: Amazon/Canva

Magnifisauce is the store’s latest item that has ingratiated itself with the chain’s clientele since it’s so delicious. There have been a number of fast-food fans who’ve compared the Magnifisauce to either In-N-Out Burgers’s famous secret sauce or McDonald’s Big Mac burger sauce – which sounds pretty tasty and means you can recreate some of your favorites right at home.


The website for Trader Joe’s describes the Magnifisauce as “a truly special sauce whose flavors harken to an array of classic condiments; it’s a mustard-mayo-ketchup-relish kind of blend, with the subtle tang of vinegar and a spread of spices.”

Given its rising popularity, fans of the Magnifisauce will be pleased to know that the sauce is now only a click away. It will be available to purchase on Amazon, meaning you don’t ever have to go to the store again to purchase it, you can simply have it arrive at your front door.

Photo: CANVA

If this makes you happy, then you can click here to get it straight from Amazon.

Have you ever tried their sauce? Are you going to be ordering yourself some Magnifisauce? Let us know!

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