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We’ve been trying to make healthier choices around our house, but some days just call for dessert. The good news is, we don’t have to overload on calories to get the same tasty flavors we’ve been craving. This list has something for everyone! Whether your go-to dessert is chocolate pudding, brownies, cookies, or even ice cream, we’ve got some unique guilt-free alternatives. Go ahead and check it out!

Healthier Fudge Brownies

Even though brownies will never be considered “nutritious,” we’ve found a recipe that’s a step in the right direction; a healthier recipe for brownies that doesn’t sacrifice flavor and uses healthier ingredients. They key is in gaining sweetness from ingredients that are naturally sweet instead of dumping a ton of sugar into your mixer. Get the full recipe here!

Sugar Free No-Bake Cookies

Not unlike our first batch of no-bake chocolate oat cookies, these oat cookies are amazingly easy and delicious – but they’re way better for us because they have no added sugar! Using natural peanut butter (we couldn’t resist throwing that in there), coconut oil and honey, we’re able to get great flavor without giving ourselves a cavity – hurray for healthier dessert! Get the all natural ingredient list and recipe here!

Oatmeal Nut Energy Cookies

While we’re not shy about our decadent desserts, there are times when we want a snack that’s good for us and not filled to bursting with sugars and carbs. We decided to come up with a vegan cookie that has no added sugar and yet still has a tasty flavor that gives us a little boost whenever we taste it. See the full recipe here!