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Norm Nakamura of Tokyo Lens was given the chance to tour the smallest luxury apartment that Tokyo has to offer.

While Nakamura undoubtedly expected something totally different, this place comes with more than a few surprises. For starters, the amount of storage space that residents have available to them is out of this world. We never would have expected that at all, not in a million years.

Photo: Pixabay/Monica Volpin

The bathroom and shower are quite roomy. There are also closets available upon entry. The main bedroom is on the smaller side but there is still a loft storage area. The finishing in this apartment was very impressive to Nakamura. It’s not the size of the apartment but the amount of storage that it has to offer!

Nakamura says in the video, “Today we are going a little deeper with Tokyo, Japan’s TINIEST Luxury apartment! …I would live here this place. It is so much nicer bigger and cleaner than my first ever apartment in Japan. If I were making youtube videos back then that would have been the place to show.”

Photo: YouTube/Tokyo Lens

Nakamura was also given the chance to speak with a resident who talked about their favorite aspects. They are a huge fan of the fact that the shower and toilet are separate. That is definitely a nice touch as far as we are concerned, too. Since the man works at a restaurant, there is not much of an issue for him when it comes to the spacing of the apartment. The small kitchen is not an issue for him and the loft area is where he heads when he is in the mood to do some gaming.

“The separate shower/toilet is the best part….One of my favorite parts of this place is this [the shower room] and the toilet room, they’re separated, which I really love,” he said. This place might be on the smaller side but it packs a lot of character into a tighter space, which we love to see.

Photo: YouTube/Tokyo Lens

This clip definitely needs to be shared, so that everyone can appreciate the size of this place. We never would have thought that so much storage space could fit in such a tiny area.

Watch the tour of the apartment in the video below:

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