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When you have little ones, the trips to the grocery shopping become far more challenging. It takes a lot more planning (and a little luck) to pull it off. If you have children, it also takes a lot of willpower to avoid the temptation to order takeout every night. There are a lot of moments where we wonder why we bother. Fortunately, What’s Up Moms! has provided us with some helpful tips to shopping with kids.

The tricks that they have to offer are absolute lifesavers.

For starters, that cumbersome handlebar issue can be addressed once and for all. The kids love to play with it, but there are too many germs! The last thing that we need is our children touching the handlebar. One of the best ways to avoid all of that drama is by covering it up.

Photo: YouTube . WhatsUpMoms

Sure, you can head to the store and use the antibacterial wipes that they have on hand. That’s not going to be quite good enough, though. The chemicals that these wipes contain aren’t the most choice option for our precious little ones.

A better solution is to cut up a pool noodle and cover the bar with it. Not only do your little ones receive a barrier from germs, but they are also able to avoid any safety concerns that arise when they are riding in the cart. This hack alone would be worth its weight but there are 12 more in the video! Talk about an embarrassment of riches.

Once you have had the chance to check out all of these pointers, you won’t be able to believe that you survived without them. There’s one other hack that grabbed our eye that we must tell you about before you watch. The Cheerios necklace hack is the best way to avoid snack spillage issues that constantly arise when we are at the supermarket. They are embarrassing and we are happy not to have to deal with them any longer.

If you have any tricks of your own to share when it comes to bringing the little ones to the grocery store, we are all ears. In the meantime, we urge you to check out this awesome video.

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