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When it comes to wedding traditions, flower girls are at or near the top of the list. Every wedding needs to have one and that is a known fact.

However, one brave young man has decided to redefine the role as we know it. He’s got the world of TikTok asking one very obvious question: Why does a wedding need a flower girl when it could have a flower man?

Photo: TikTok/@taylortomuchh

Joshua Gilliard’s cousin Taylor Ferguson-Robinson decided to have a socially distanced ceremony last year. The wedding took place last March and the internet has been obsessed with it ever since.

Gilliard made his way down the aisle as a flower girl and this man’s strut was one for the ages. It is one of the most joyful moments that we have seen and we have seen a lot of wedding footage in our time!

Photo: TikTok/@taylortomuchh

When Joshua arrived in a strapping tuxedo with a fanny pack across his chest, we knew that we were in for something awesome. This video certainly did not let us down.

He placed his hand inside of the fanny pack and this is when the big reveal was made. He began to toss flowers as he made his way down the aisle and the crowd went absolutely nuts. Joshua did not allow himself to become the center of attention for too long, either. As we all know, this is in very bad taste during a wedding.

Photo: TikTok/@taylortomuchh

Once he had successfully spread the flowers, he suavely took his place among the rest of the wedding party and that was that.

This was surely a moment to remember and over 2 million TikTok users have shared in the joy with them.

“I promised my cousin and her husband it would be the best day of their life and if we felt the flower girl wasn’t up to it, I would be her flower man but I would do it my way,” said Gilliard in an interview with In The Know.

“I was just being myself,” Joshua continued. “I’m an artist and natural-born entertainer. Once the camera is on… I’m on. Plus, I love to dance so it was my time to shine.”

Watch the video below:


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