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We already know what all of you are thinking. How on earth could I need to watch a tutorial on trash cans? While this is an understandable response, we are here to let readers know that there is a better way. We were today years old when we learned about this one from the good folks on TikTok. This app helps us to split the difference between educational and entertaining.

This one is sure to have you asking the most common question that we come across when we are on TikTok: Why didn’t I think of that? Some of the solutions that the app has to offer are so brilliant, they make us wonder how they could have eluded us for this long. We had no idea that we were going about the task of putting our trash bags in the bin in the wrong way.

Photo: flickr/Aaron Yoo

It seems simple enough, right? This woman is here to show us what we have been doing wrong, though. We have been taking the bags out of the box, giving them a nice shake, and then stretching them over the brim of the trash can. Up until now, we had no idea that there was a different way to go about this household task.

Hannah Ian of the organizing company Stored Simply with Lydia Amerson is the one who is here to change our lives. The video is already at 12 million views and counting as well. The part that really got us was when she showed that the bags actually come out of the box already turned inside out. Hannah even shows us the seam, so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

Photo: flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Instead of utilizing the typical tactics, Hannah suggests that the trash bag needs to be placed over the bin in the same manner as a hat. Slip the bag over the can and cover the opening. You don’t have to shake it out or stretch it over anymore.

As soon as the bag has been secured around the rim, the rest takes care of itself. The bag can be pushed into the can and the seam is no longer showing.

Photo: TikTok/storedsimply

“Had no idea,” Hannah said. We are right there with you, sister.

Watch the hack in the video below:


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