This Toddler Carrying And Eating An Entire Loaf Of Bread Is The Whole Mood Of 2020

“I have never related so much to a toddler in my whole life.”

Carbs are awfully comforting during our moments of need, aren’t they? Those of us who are looking for reassurance through food often turn to carb-heavy meals, and sometimes, we have to eat our feelings. This TikTok video is a prime example of that. The child in this video really needs his bread and we are right there with him.

TikTok user @mamadoctorjones shared her son’s escapades with the rest of the world, beginning the video with an introduction of a little boy holding a loaf of bread. He’s got an angry look on his face and Mom wanted to know why he needed to walk around with an entire loaf of bread.

Image by Security from Pixabay

When asked if he’d like to share his bread, he offers his mother a hearty “no!” before proceeding with his day.



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The comments are filled with people who fully relate to the child. “I have never related so much to a toddler in my whole life,” said one of the commentators.

He’s a whole mood.