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TikTok has been the latest social media craze to bring us hours of entertainment. And given the way that 2020 has gone, most of us could definitely use plenty of laughs or reasons to look at our phones that don’t involve news alerts.

And TikTok has no shortage of amusing content. Most of us probably never realized that we really need movies brought to us by toast, but apparently, we do. One TikTok user, @technicolor_toast, has been there to fill the gap for us. The videos they’ve posted have already caused a buzz across social media. Using toast, the TikToker has reimagined a few films like Call Me By Your Name, Shrek, Mamma Mia!, and Ratatouille.


My Neighbor Toastoro #myneighbortotoro #totoro #cottagecore #miyazaki #studioghibli #ghibli #foodie #fyp #foryou #movies #toast #cooking #animefood

♬ My Neighbor Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) – Aun J-Classic Orchestra

The account @technicolor_toast only started posting TikTok videos a week ago, and the internet is already obsessed with its content.

Each video begins with an image from the original movie, then the final cut shows the toast creation. After, you can watch the creator as they bring their creation to life. The results are nothing short of show-stopping every time. That is why it makes sense that so many people are absolutely in awe of these videos.


Ogre toast is like onions; layered, mean and green #shrek #FYP #cooking #toast #getoutofmyswamp #foryou #smashmouth

♬ original sound – dangitnelson

There have been plenty of comments from people who are enjoying the content. One person said it was just what they needed to see. Someone else left a message saying, “The whole basis of this account is revolutionary, thank you for your work.” And the best part about the account is that the TikToker is open to requests! Can’t wait to see what is next! What movie would you request? Let us know!

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