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Meal prep is perfect for those who understand the concept of opportunity cost. By taking a little extra time to handle meal prep now, we are able to avoid wasting more time later on. It sounds simple enough, right?

Well, one mother on TikTok has taken this idea to a whole new extreme. Amanda Ranit shared her personal food prep hack with her followers and now everyone has an opinion!

She prepares four weeks worth of breakfast food for her family….all at once.

Photo: TikTok / amandaranit

We have yet to hear of something so crazy but yet, it makes a lot of sense. Ranit’s clip has already been viewed a million times because people are trying their best to piece it all together. She makes roughly 100 breakfast sandwiches at the same time, to help her save time in the mornings.

Photo: TikTok / amandaranit

“These save me SO much time on school mornings. My kids love them,” her caption reads. The sandwiches resemble the McDonald’s sausage McMuffin and the kids are definitely appreciative. From there, the sandwiches are bagged up, put in the freezer, and reheated each morning in the air fryer.

This mother has a family of four to feed and she says it only takes about a month for all of the sandwiches to be eaten. While we haven’t taken an advanced math class in some time, we have done some back of the envelope calculations. Near as we can tell, this family is eating these breakfast sandwiches every single day.


#mealprep 🙌🏻 these save me SO much time on school mornings. My kids love them! I’m always getting questions about how I do these, so here you go

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A lot of people were surprised at the quantity she makes, with several wondering how big her family really is. She even got some criticism for prepping so many at once.

Photo: TikTok / amandaranit
Photo: TikTok / amandaranit

However, most people were more interested in her method of storing and reheating the sandwiches.

As she shared in the comments, the sandwiches are cooked in an air fryer on the highest setting for 7-8 minutes. She even posted a follow-up video with the heating instructions.

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