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If you’re like me, then math class was always a ride on the struggle bus. To this day, the only thing I can remember from my years of different math classes is the Pythagorean Theoram.

While I know that A squared plus B squared equals C squared, I still don’t know how or where it would ever be applicable in real life. Oh, and Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally…can’t forget that one either.


But if you’re not a math person either, you’ve probably found that there are certain aspects of math that don’t go away. Mainly, figures like percentages tend to pop up in everyday life, particularly when dealing with financial situations.

While it’s great that our phones are there to help calculate things like the amount that we need to leave for a tip at a restaurant, it is nice to be able to figure these simple equations without the assistance of a smartphone.

Photo: Pixabay

That is where TikTok might be able to help. I know it sounds counterproductive that social media could help you to brush up on your math skills, but there is one TikToker – @PinkPencilMath – who creates very helpful math videos.

She’s a mechanical engineer, and her math videos are actually quite helpful as well as entertaining to watch.

Photo: TikTok/pinkpencilmath

Check out her one on percentages – could come in handy next time you’re out to dinner!

Watch the TikTok below:


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