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Who wouldn’t love to have clothes that smell nicer, while spending less money on laundry? One mom took to TikTok to share such a hack, but she didn’t expect the reaction she’d get.

Araceli Jimenez shared a way to make clothes smell better for longer. Her hack serves as a cheaper alternative to laundry sheets.

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According to her, all you need to do is combine water and fabric softener. Take a rag, dip it into the mixture and ring it out. Then, throw the damp rag in the dryer with the rest of your clothes and let them dry together. It sounds great, but TikTok users were quite divided on this tactic.


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A lot of people commenting noted that they tried this in the past and it ruined their laundry. Apparently, the fabric softener leaves spots and stains on clothes and the heat sets the stains, making them near-impossible to get out.

However, others claimed they used this trick and it works like a charm!

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Bailey Carson, head of cleaning for the household services app Handy, shared with Insider that the hack can actually damage clothes. She said, “This hack has the additional risk of causing damage to clothes in the drying process such as residue spots and in some cases lifting dye from clothing that can’t be reversed.”

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Despite the risk, Jimenz stands by her hack. According to Business Insider, she said she tries to balance the softener and water to avoid spots on clothes or skin irritation. She’s brave, if you ask us!

What do you think of the hack? Have you tried it before? Let us know!

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