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Okay, so we know that we are not the only ones that wonder about certain aspects of our dishwasher. We find ourselves endlessly fascinated by the inner workings of it. What does it look like on the inside when it is running? This used to be a tough mystery to solve, but not anymore thanks to one TikTok user.

They decided to place a GoPro inside of their dishwasher and now we can all see what it looks like inside while running.

The resulting video already has 10 million views and has received countless comments.

Photo: TikTok / interestingytvids

It allowed viewers to learn more about the spray arms of the machine, which are responsible for shooting water at all of the items that are placed inside of it. Listen, we are not going to say that we believed the entire machine was full of soapy water when we turned it on, but…

Check out the video for yourself:


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