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People use TikTok for a wide variety of reasons. Most people just waste time scrolling through the videos but there are some decent life hacks if you look deeply enough.

I’ll be the first one to admit that many of the tips shared on that social media platform are fairly useless. Every once in a while, however, a tip comes along that is truly life-changing.

Photo: Max Pixel

Some people are going to feel that a hot dog preparation tip from a TikTok user Sheena Marie is all that. Even though it is simple, most people have never thought about it and some are saying they may never eat a hot dog the same way again.

In her post, she wrote about how you will never have ketchup and mustard on your lips when eating a hot dog again.

Photo: TikTok/sheenamarieq

It really boils down to changing only one thing in the way that you eat hot dogs. You simply flip it over.

You can watch her doing it in the video.

Photo: TikTok/sheenamarieq

She puts the ketchup and mustard on the hotdog and after spinning it in the bun, the sauces are tucked away.

Then again, you can also just put the ketchup and mustard on the bun first.


no more messy ketchup and mustard on your lips 😂 #lifehacks

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