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After a ghost tequila bottle went viral on Tiktok, people everywhere were scrambling to find one in real life before Halloween rolls around.

As it turns out, it’s a real thing and you can find it in a few different places! TikTok user @maraegl shared the moment she heard of the drink and dashed to the store to get one.

Photo: TikTok/@maraegl

She wrote in the video, “I never drove so fast to the store because of a TikTok video.” She proceeded to show how she went into Total Wine and More Store and found the elusive ghost tequila.

It was priced at $44.99 – and she got the very last one!


To think I got a flat tire an hour after this 🙃 #foryou #ghost #MyTeacherWins #totalwine #foryoupage #viral #fyp #viraltiktok #ghosttequila #drinks

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This particular item is definitely a stand-out. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we can see why so many people are looking to grab this bottle.

In case you were wondering, the brand is known as Gran Agave Ghost Edition Reposado. It looks like a beautiful tequila and we cannot wait to try it out for ourselves. The reviews that we have seen are all over the map, so we need to be the tiebreaker vote.

Photo: Unsplash/Francisco Galarza

Tequila can be polarizing, as it seems like people will hold these beverages to a very high standard. Even if the Gran Agave Ghost Edition Reposado is not our favorite, $45 is a very small price to pay for a liquor bottle that looks this cool.

If you would like to take home a bottle, the TikTok world is suggesting that you take the time to visit your local Total Wine and More stores.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Be sure to let us know if you go searching for this where you find it and how it is! We can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle for ourselves.