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If you are anything like us, you are looking for a little dose of happiness at the moment, and that’s what TikTok is here for. Whether you’re in the mood for cleaning hacks, comedy skits, or dance routines, they have got you covered. Our latest TikTok discovery is something a little bit off the beaten path, but just as wonderful as the rest.

TikTok user @kylelevo created possibly the world’s longest Fruit by the Foot snack. He dubbed it “Fruit by the football field.”

Photo: TikTok / kylelevo

The clip starts with one of the most relatable statements that we have ever heard. “Alright, so I’m 27 and a lot of people I went to school with are having kids now, starting a family, getting married, all that kind of stuff, but you know, I had bigger ambitions,” Kyle said. And that’s when he introduced his creation.

It’s safe that he has found something fun to do with his time. In order to create the football field, he needed to combine 100 individual Fruit by the Foot snacks. This man made quite the investment in making this bizarre dream come true as well. “It came out to be about 16 boxes of Fruit by the Foot,” as he says in the video.


Fruit by the football field #fyp #xyzbca

♬ original sound – KyleLevo

Of course, there had to be that person in the comments who reminded Kyle that a football field is 120 yards long, not 100. But that’s a minor detail we’re willing to overlook.

Photo: TikTok / kylelevo

As a bonus, Kyle tests out the length of the “fruit by the football field” on a real football field! He was telling the truth the whole time…..not that we ever doubted him. It came up a tad short (about 30ft to be exact) but we are not worried about it.


The fruit by the (almost) football field #fyp #xyzcba

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

At the end of the video, he jokes that if he gets 1 million likes, he’ll eat the whole thing! He did say he was just kidding, but you never know. Go give it a like so we can peer pressure him to eat it all! What do you think of this massive Fruit by the Foot?