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Most of us think we know our home fairly well and we may have been living in it for years. Every once in a while, however, we are given a reminder that the home may just hold a secret or two.

That is what one man found after looking into a wall in his apartment that was unstable. What he ended up finding was a room he called “scary” after he tore the loose wall off near the pantry.

Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

Of course, this was too good to keep to himself so he shared it on TikTok. As you can imagine, the social media platform was buzzing over the possibilities. As it turns out, this isn’t the only hidden room that was ever discovered and shared on TikTok. It seems to happen on a regular basis.

For example, somebody even found a cave in their apartment and another found an old doll head in the wall. Perhaps the most interesting was when somebody looked underneath their Airbnb and found that there was an old, abandoned mall there!

Photo: TikTok/loganhunter_p

The man who discovered this hidden room started the video showing how the wall just seemed to be a little unstable. He then started to remove the wall piece by piece and inside, there is an old staircase.


about to go to work so i will make a part 2 when i get back! #hiddenroom#secretroom#fml

♬ original sound – loganhunter_p

He posted a follow-up later in the day that explained more about what he found.

As he squeezed his way in and walked up the stairs, he found an unfinished attic space. The only thing up there seemed to be a few spray paint cans and some windows.


pt 2 of the secret room in my apartment

♬ original sound – loganhunter_p

Who knows, you might just find something in your home that would make a great viral video!

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