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Amazon is known for going above and beyond with its deliveries. One delivery driver has decided to take this ethos to a whole new level and we are here for it!

While most drivers are pretty dedicated people, one took it to a whole new level.

Photo: Unsplash

mohawkdog is the TikTok user who decided to see if their delivery drivers were in the mood to play a little game. She posted a sign on her door for the drivers to read and you won’t believe what she asked them to do.

“Amazon deliveries: Let’s play!” read the sign. “Stand in yellow square, look at camera and do a 5-10 second ‘dance’ for TikTok.” The yellow square that she was referring to was created on her porch, as a means of telling the drivers where to stand.

Photo: TikTok / mohawkdog

Initially, the square did not work. According to the poster, the square was simply too intimidating for the drivers. One walked right past, as if she didn’t notice it.

Another shook his finger at the camera as if to say, “no.”

Photo: TikTok / mohawkdog

Finally, one driver decided to play.

The driver set the package down very carefully. From there, they hit an absolutely perfect version of the Renegade dance, which originated from a song performed by popular Atlanta artist K Camp. mohawkdog was beyond thrilled by the driver’s willingness to partake in her silly dance prompt.

Photo: TikTok / mohawkdog

Check out her fun dance below:


This Amazon delivery made my day!! #amazon #amazondelivery #deliveryheroes #renegade #fyp

♬ All of Me – Inst Rumental

Amazingly, the TikTok driver ended up finding the video on TikTok. She goes by Lexx and, as you may have guessed by her dance, she’s a regular on TikTok. She even filmed a duet reacting to the original video!

She said, “I’m extremely overwhelmed by da love & kindness y’all have poured upon me. LOVE Y’ALL!”

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