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If you have spent any time on TikTok, you have probably noticed a certain sector of people who are particularly enamored with the secret rooms. That is, people who have hidden or secret rooms in their houses.

One TikTok user may just have the secret room to beat all secret rooms. Jay Richardson took everyone on a tour of her family’s secret room and people are obsessed with it.

Photo: TikTok /jayrichardson22

The video is already closing in on a million views and it’s not hard to see why. In the video, Jay reaches her hand under the ledge of the massive fireplace and pulls a hidden lever.

Photo: TikTok /jayrichardson22

Suddenly, her entire fireplace starts to move to the side – revealing a massive secret room!

The room is comic book-themed and features a drink bar, a giant spiderman statue, a superman figure, and a whole movie theater section.

Photo: TikTok /jayrichardson22
Photo: TikTok /jayrichardson22

It even has a ping-pong table and a Pac-Man machine!


Credit @mbehrns1 #secretroom #mancave #superhearo #fyp #foryou

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