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Home chef and TikTok user @rajmin2025 shared a hack to cook chicken at home and it’s truly a game-changer. The secret? A wire rack.

In the video, @rajmin2025 has chicken legs that are spread out on the counter. She lays a wire rack over the top of them and presses the thin part of the legs through the rack.

Photo: TikTok/@rajmin2025
Photo: TikTok/@rajmin2025

The rack ends up acting as a chicken leg holder, so to speak. Once in the oven, the legs hang down cook evenly on all sides.

Beyond that, @rajmin2025 also placed a pan of potatoes in the oven below the legs so their drippings fall right onto the potatoes!

Photo: TikTok/@rajmin2025

It’s brilliant.

Check out the hack in the video below:



♬ Bongo cha-cha-cha – Remastered – Caterina Valente

TikTok user @r33z3socold showed off the video, which helped it to go viral. “Why the h*** am I just now seeing this?” he said in the clip. We agree with them 100 percent on this, salty language aside.

We’re glad we’re not the only ones who didn’t know!

Photo: Max Pixel

This is some next-level creativity and we are glad that we were exposed to this clip.

@rajmin2025’s video has already received over 4 million likes, so it’s safe to assume that others are in the same boat as us.

What do you think of the hack? Did you know about it already? Let us know!

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