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With social media making it so easy to connect with people and share our ideas and ways of life online, it only makes sense that people will find things to critique of others.

Who doesn’t love to stop a stranger dead in their tracks, so that they can tell them they are doing something all wrong? However, many of the corrections and suggestions are coming from a place of helpfulness and can be quite useful, like when a Brit stepped in to show Americans the proper way to make tea.

Photo: TikTok / jchelle36

One American TikToker who lives in the UK shared her take on how the British make tea. She started by filling a mug with tap water and placing it in the microwave to warm up. After that, she poured in some milk, plopped in a tea bag, and added sugar – a lot of sugar.


Americans making hot tea 🍵 #americanintheuk @mleemaster10

♬ original sound – jchelle28

Of course, that’s not actually how the Brits make tea and Buzzfeed writer Sam Cleal is here to bring the tea on…..British tea. He made a TikTok video sharing how to actually make tea like a Brit, and rest assured, there is no microwaved water here.

He starts by heating water in a kettle. He places the tea bag into the mug and pours hot water over it. Then, he lets the tea set until it’s strong enough for his preference. He gives the tea bag a little stir with a spoon, ensuring to squeeze out the last bits of flavor by pressing the teabag against the edge of the mug before removing it.

After the teabag was removed, he poured in a splash of milk and a teaspoon of (optional) sugar.


The real tea on British tea ☕️ #buzzfeed #howto #britishtea #teachallenge (excuse my gross place I’ve given up on cleaning).

♬ original sound – SamCleal

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