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Onion Flower Appetizer Only Requires 3 Ingredients and Comes Out Looking Impressive

Do you ever find yourself in those situations where you need a dish to that will really impress, but you don’t have enough time to run to the store for a whole set of ingredients for a fancy recipe? Well if you have onions, oil, and balsamic vinegar, then you have all the ingredients you need for this awesome appetizer! You wouldn’t think that such a simple ingredient list and a little time could yield such a pleasing starter, but it sure does. Even for those who aren’t wild about onions, this dish makes a visually impressive starter that will really wow your guests.

This video shows you how a little ingenuity can go a long way in the kitchen. Watch it below to find out how you, too, can take these 3 ingredients and make a crowd-pleasing dish with them.

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