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Baking can be such a relaxing pastime, and the best part is it results in a delicious sweet treat at the end of it all.

If you’re into baking, you’ve probably already discovered that TikTok has a pretty cool cache of cooking and baking videos. It is certainly an online destination for baking inspiration.

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When it comes to baking, the possibilities are endless. However, if you’re a fan of either blueberry muffins or chocolate chip cookies, then you might enjoy the exciting blueberry cookies that are made by Justine E. They’re basically like a twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie but made with blueberries and large chunks of white chocolate chips.

Photo: TikTok/@justine_snacks

Not only are these a delicious alternative to a classic recipe, but they are also a very fun color seeing as the blueberries create a vibrant purple hue. According to the TikTok video, the recipe is quite simple to make. But even more impressive is the fact that it’s vegan as well!

Photo: TikTok/@justine_snacks

According to the description on Justine’s website,, β€œIt’s as if a blueberry muffin and the best chocolate chip cookie you ever had got married.”

Photo: TikTok/@justine_snacks

The recipe doesn’t require anything too extravagant and can easily be made with what’s already in your cupboards. The ingredients are flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, and thawed frozen blueberries – these serve as substitutes to eggs, making the cookies vegan. You will also need butter, but depending on your needs you can either use regular butter or vegan butter. And of course, you can’t forget about the white chocolate chips.

Justine further recommends that you use a standing mixer or electric mixer in order to better mix the blueberries into the wet ingredients in order to make the cookies lighter in their texture.

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Lastly, if you don’t like blueberries you can simply leave them out and use a different fruit for the cookies. Justine recommends substitutions such fruits as strawberries, cherries, raspberries, or currants.

Watch the recipe below:


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Have you tried these cookies yet? Will you be recreating this recipe at home? Let us know!

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