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Most of us had the best Home Ec teacher at home – our moms! But, regardless, we still had to take Home Ec in school. While each teacher had a different plan, there were a few lessons that were quite common. We learned so much in these classes, from basics to what might be considered advanced cooking by today’s standards.

1) Simple Sewing & Measuring

Common projects were often an apron or baby clothes, but really anything could up for grabs. Those who had to sew clothing for themselves often had a heck of a time!

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2) Correspondence

In Home Ec we learned how to plan and send invitations, how to answer the phone, and other basics of correspondence.

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3) Nutrition & Meal Planning

From how to plan a meal to how much to make, this is an essential part of learning to cook. Cooking for one or for five, every size meal has its own challenges in the planning stage. And we also learned that in order to be able to cook for yourself you’ll need to make sure your shopping cart isn’t just filled with snack foods and chips!

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4) How to Properly Set a Table

From place settings to arrangement of the dishes and flowers, this was one thing our Home Ec teacher spent quite a lot of time on.

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5) How to Boil Eggs

This simple task is actually pretty easy to botch, especially if you leave them in too long.

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