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The idea of drinking from a very long straw would seem to be a very simple one, wouldn’t it? The Action Lab’s James thought this when he first got started with this endeavor.

As it turns out, this seemingly simple task turned out to be far more difficult than he could have ever realized.

Photo: YouTube/The Action Lab

You would think that a 34-foot flexible straw would be tough to drink from and you would be right about that. James found himself struggling mightily, as anyone would have expected him to. This is the classic “easier said than done” sort of task but we are still here for it.

Photo: YouTube/The Action Lab

James attempted to handle the task manually but it did not take long before he got tired.

Once he realized that he was not going to be able to cut it on his own, he came up with a new idea. What if he decided to use an air compressor instead? There was just one problem that no one could have possibly foreseen: The liquid was still not able to make it to the top because it would start to boil as it climbed upwards.

Photo: YouTube/The Action Lab

Could you imagine how awful that would be? No one wants to do all of that work, just to be scalded once the actual liquid finally arrives. It did not take long for him to conclude that he did not want to burn his mouth severely.

Watch him take on this crazy endeavor in the video below: