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One afternoon last September, I was out in my front yard when I noticed the family across the street chasing this sweet pup off their property. After she was chased into the road and almost hit by another car, she ran to me and immediately I burst into tears.

I had never seen a dog in such a condition. Covered in mange, skin and bones, her face was bleeding and it was certain she had just been dumped. Her previous family had neglected her and then eventually left her for dead. She even had an indent in her neck where her collar had been.


I can’t even imagine the life she had lived before that day. She spent the night with us and has never left since. After lots of time and major TLC, Ali got better. She is a huge part of our family and we are so happy she found us. I think she is probably happy she found us too.

She is so full of life and has a personality that will make you laugh non stop. She is a great dog all around and I will never understand how she was once treated so poorly. However, one family’s loss is our gain. I am amazed every day to see her here with me.


I think about the day I first saw her. The vet told us because her condition was so extreme she would more than likely never fully recover her coat, but she beat those odds too.

Deanna Souza
Mariposa, CA

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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