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DC’s Black Adam is slated to serve as the grand debut of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the world of superheroes. Johnson makes no bones about the fact that he trains very hard for his roles and this one is no different.

It took months of insane workouts for him to undergo the epic transformation needed to play the role of a superhero. Now, he is taking things one step further by manipulating his diet to the extreme.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The movie is headed into the final week of filming. In classic Rock fashion, he is taking his Instagram followers behind the curtain of filming prep by showing off “the breakfast of champions” that he consumes each day, as he looks to remain slim and trim for his next big close-up. This is one man who takes his shirtless scenes with the utmost level of seriousness.

“This is it,” he said in one of his latest posts. “We leave it all out on the field, and I’ve got to show my body next week on screen, so the diet is really getting dialed-in.”

Photo: Instagram/therock

According to his post, he limited his sodium intake during the home stretch and also limited the amount of water he consumed.

For breakfast, he had flank steak, egg whites, brown rice, and blueberries all mixed together. Clearly, The Rock cares little about what mere mortals think of this flavor combination. As it turns out, there is a very simple explanation for that. He said, “I shovel it all in, it doesn’t matter to me.”

He eats that meal with a side of runny brown rice oatmeal. He explained in the post, “One usually eats, if you’re a normal person, with a spoon, but I make it really watery and I just drink it.”

Photo: Instagram/therock

“It’s all for the cause,” The Rock continued. “The goal is to raise the bar with Black Adam, and set a new standard and paradigm with how it’s done…fingers crossed next week we’ll bring it home strong.”

If you would like to see this breakfast for yourself, please be sure to check out his video below:

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We can’t wait to see all his hard work pay off on the big screen!

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