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Tiny homes are always receiving attention these days and for good reason. They provide would-be homeowners with added options. You no longer need to shell out for a massive estate to truly live in luxury. While we have seen some incredible tiny houses over the past few years, this one just might take the cake. We cannot stop watching this video and we are starting to get obsessed.

This home is known as The Lillypad. New Zealand’s Waiheke Island is home to this 108 square foot palace (yes, you read that one right). Grant Lilly is the man who is responsible for this unique dwelling, hence the name. He’s a creative sort who was willing to venture a bit outside of the beaten path and we are spellbound by the results of his brainstorming.

The house was carved out of a hill that overlooks Rocky Bay. Grant is giving new meaning to the term “man cave” with this one. The results are frugal, of course. That does not mean that Grant is going to be making any major sacrifices. The home is rustic and simplistic but the views that he enjoys are anything but simple. You won’t be able to believe your eyes.


YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

Tiny homes are more attainable than any of us could have ever realized. The amount that Grant spent on this breathtaking tiny home is too small for us to believe. All it took was a relatively paltry sum….$1,300!

A house overlooking the ocean may have seemed like an impossible dream to most but we are here to make life easier for you. With the help of Living Big In a Tiny House, we can learn more about the ins and outs of this process. Trust us on this one, you do not need to be an experienced architect to handle this sort of project.

Once you have had the chance to watch this amazing video, you are going to want to run it back a few times. After you have seen it for the 5th time, this is your cue to share it with your friends and loved ones. Living in a house on the beach does not have to be a “one of these days” sort of proposition anymore!