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Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition that we spend all year looking forward to. Any holiday that gives us an excuse to break out our stretchy pants is a great one. However, this leaves us with a few downsides that we have to deal with. No, we are not talking about the in-laws who always want to stay for an extra day or two. We are talking about all of the leftovers we have to deal with for weeks to come.

First of all, we never know what to do with all of the leftover food. Sure, we could have fried turkey a couple of times but that is going to lose its novelty pretty quickly.

We need a backup plan!

Fortunately, Chowhound has just that.

They demonstrate how to use leftover stuffing in the most creative and delicious way!

Photo: YouTube / Chowhound

We never would have thought of this one on our own. It’s one of the most brilliant usages for leftover stuffing that we have ever come across.

Anyone who is tired of watching the stuffing sit in the back of the fridge until it is time to awkwardly dump it out will love this one. In fact, we might just go ahead and make a little bit of extra stuffing this year.

If you would like to learn more about how to turn your leftover stuffing into delicious waffles, please be sure to check out Chowhound’s DIY tutorial below. Your days of watching Thanksgiving leftovers take up space in the fridge are over now.

Do you have any family tricks or tips to help us enjoy the Thanksgiving leftovers in a new and interesting way? Let us know!